almost 25, feelin’ alive


This Thursday is my 25th birthday, and I don’t feel like I’ve really had a chance to soak in that fact. 25 is a monumental year. I’ll officially be in the “mid-twenties” crowd. I’ll be in the “25-30″ demographic. I feel like, for realz, I’m an adult.

A lot has happened this past year. Too much to cram into a blog post, and waaaay more than you’d be interested in. It’s really the small,…

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amanda + josh wedding video trailer

Amanda + Josh got married, and I got to create their video! Check out these chefs on their wedding day here:

amanda josh hobbs wedding video trailer

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Amanda since we were kids. We were in a lot of the same classes in school, and we also shared an affinity for good food. Amanda even started her own (awesome) cooking blogthat I HIGHLY recommend any foodie to check out! Fast forward to many years later, and Amanda’s food obsession developed into her going to culinary school, meeting her husband, and having a…

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Ph. Schmidt & Gorges


Ph. Schmidt & Gorges

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sunday style 21 // calm before the storm

sunday style 21 // calm before the storm - a little black dress

kaylee koenig sunday style

Today’s Sunday Style is brought to you because I actually have time to do one today. I start working tomorrow at nights as an Assistant Editor on Top Chef (wish me luck!). I’m also going to be working days on my current movie, Lazarus, because I’m masochistic like that.

Needless to say, I’m not gonna look this nice for quite awhile so enjoy. ;)

kaylee koenig sunday style kaylee koenig sunday style kaylee koenig sunday style kaylee koenig sunday style

I’m really excited to begin this new adventure…

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sunday style 20 // silk scarf

kaylee koenig sunday style

Decided to go casual today for church since we were out late last night with Marc’s parents (party animals!!). They’re in town and are such a blast to hang out with.
kaylee koenig sunday style kaylee koenig sunday style kaylee koenig sunday style kaylee koenig sunday style kaylee koenig sunday style

Not really sure what this creature was on this gate. Marc called it a wolf-squirrel. Seems pretty accurate.
kaylee koenig sunday style kaylee koenig sunday style kaylee koenig sunday style kaylee koenig sunday style shirt // jeans // shoes (born) // silk scarf (vintage, grandma’s)

p.s. see all my other sunday style posts here!

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sunday style 19 // airport edition

sunday style 19 // airport edition - thoughts on traveling outfits and my exciting/crazy weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I hope you’ve gotten to enjoy some time with your mom today. I, for one, am stuck in the Denver Airport with a 6-hour layover on my way back to L.A. After finishing one book, getting a good start on another, lots of people-watching, reading all my favorite blogs, and purchasing too many cups of crappy and expensive airport coffee, I figured I might as well try to put…

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sunday style 18 // spring cleaning

sunday style 18 // spring cleaning - a simple, fun and fresh outfit

sunday style with kaylee koenig

Feeling a general sense of exhaustion from the world today. I’m nervous about my new job starting tomorrow; I have no idea what to expect and I must start off the day by telling my boss I need Friday off to go back to Nebraska and shoot a wedding. This wedding is gonna be awesome and I can’t wait to share the adorable engagement video with you!! But it’s harder than I thought it would be,…

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easter sunday style 17 and life updates

#sundaystyle from Easter, plus a few updates about what I’ve been up to for the past couple weeks! ( )

kaylee koenig sunday style easter 2014I have been trying to write this Sunday Style post for two weeks. Literally. Normally if I don’t post something I’m just being lazy, but this time I actually have an excuse! Now I REALLY don’t consider myself a web developer, but I had to go through a ton of back-end things (uninstall all my plugins, insert such and such line of code) before finally giving up and contacting my theme designer.…

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sunday style 16 // spring!

sunday style 16 // spring!

kaylee koenig sunday style

I’m really dedicated to Sunday Style, you guys. Last night Marc and I stayed out really late and we had to be at church early today (8:45! on a Sunday!) but I STILL wore a cute outfit. Just for you.

This weekend has been AWESOME so far. Marc and I had a date night on Friday, and we went to the little wine & beer bar right below our apartment, Vinoteca Farfalla. They have great happy hour deals…

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koenig christmas washington trip 2013 - video and photos!

koenig christmas washington trip 2013 - video and photos of our outdoor adventures!


So I know this post is incredibly tardy, but at least it happened! I have a job interview tonight so who knows the next time when I’ll be able to work on fun projects like this? Anyway, here are some photos of the hiking/exploring that the Koenig side of the family did over Christmastime. In retrospect, I wish I got more photos & video of hanging out around the house, cooking, family…

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sunday style 15 // complimentary champagne

sunday style 15 // Today’s Sunday Style consists of equal amounts of ice cream, love, IKEA, and Game of Thrones excitement. Check it out!

sunday style by kaylee koenig

My weekend so far has been a blur of awesome. A little bit crazy too, but mostly awesome. On Friday I got offered a one-week gig as a Post PA on the new Blumhouse (Paranormal Activity, Insidious, etc) film that’s a live-action remake of Jem and the Holograms, so that kicked my weekend off right! I’m still looking for something more long-term, but this will be a very very hilarious/interesting…

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